Topic: Short hair fall

Hey all

I'm a male in my early 20's.
After starting the method religiously months ago, i saw my hair improving. It grew out alot but i felt that i was working on a 'tainted canvas'. The other day i sheared my hair short. Even though it is Fall, i still feel that now is the time to reconstruct and prepare for a great spring. I have found it so much easier also to detox and cleanse with this hair, making it the ideal ground for reconstruction.

Daily i brush, massage and oil. It feels great. Although i can see my scalp in the overhead lights, i feel that it is due to the shortness and my hair re balancing. My hair is even all over now nomicons/smile

A great practice i have begun is to not observe my hair in the mirror, just to ignore and go on. It has really helped my confidence and attitude. I felt hair-blind to change before hand.

I believe logically also that it is easier for hair to thicken when short, than long. I'm excited! Once all is done, a fruitful spring awaits nomicons/smile

I thought i should share with all and encourage the men on this board!

Good luck and would love to hear your comments! It's tough being a young male with thinning hair but it can be defeated!

Re: Short hair fall

Thank you for sharing jahash! Good wisdom nomicons/smile