Topic: Old Massagers


I just wanted to let everyone know that the difference between the old rubber massagers, and the new is incredibly different. I actually feel the old one, due to its hardness, did damage to my hair. Well luckily, i received my new one today and its softer and more supple and creates a more stimulating effect.

I encourage you to get the new one if you have an old one, as i feel it hasn't benefited me in any way like this new one will.

Re: Old Massagers

I feel the same way. Except now I cant massage when my hairs wet, it just yanks on my hair.
But it is a lot more soft than the temporary marvy one.
My hair feels and looks much healthier with the new one.

Re: Old Massagers

Dear Concerned

yes the new scalp massagers are wonderful and very soft and much more beneficial for the scalp and hair

they are 100% Natural Rubber
and worth all the time and effort to produce the new mold and getting them made in India has been a long and costly project but well worth the time, money and effort

Enjoy and use in great Health

Happy Holidays/Health/Hair