Topic: euro oil & shampoos


I just wanted to say that I have used Euro oil (just a little bit) once a week and shampoo twice a week alternating earth and sea shampoos.I've been doing it for a while and man,I have to tell you I've got some NICE results doing this.I fund out that  the shampoos would dry my hair but using Euro oil kind of balanced it.I really like Euro oil.Thank you for your natural products.I'm a customer for life.Thanks !!!

Re: euro oil & shampoos

dear Newbie

suggest also bringing in the other 2 shampoos apple cider vinegar and pine shale.
if you find the earth to be drying suggest dilluting it around 25% shampoo and 75% water shake and shampoo
or if still drying then leave out of your alternating process for now
try the other two

and thanks for going Truly Natural
Happy Holidays/Happiness / Hair