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Topic: Care of Boar Bristle Brushes

I'm sorry to keep posting all of these messages, but I'm a "newbie" to the Morrocco Method and everything is so very different from how I've been taking care of my hair for almost 50 years.  I'm thrilled to report that my hair is really starting to look and feel very nice and it's so wonderful to be able to touch it and run my fingers through it and not feel like I'm feeling plastic and strands of "crunchy" hair from mousses and heavy hairsprays.  My hair also feels so much healthier and I notice no hair loss at all, which was not the case when I was using those other awful products on my hair.  And I've only been using the products and method for about 3 weeks, so this is only the beginning.  It's nice to at last be able to begin liking my hair and maybe I'll even love it in the future---why knows?

Anyhow, I purchased a blonde boar bristle brush for my fine hair with much skepticism.  I've never brushed my hair in my entire life, thinking that brushing would make it look more flat and thin and cause breakage.  Up until now I've never owned any quality hairbrushes and depended mostly on plastic combs and brushes to groom and style my hair. I was shocked to find out that brushing with this special brush was actually the best thing I could do for my hair and makes it look cleaner, smoother, and nicer (I have a lot of problems with excess oil and separation of my hair as a result of the oil, but this is improving.)   I also found some wooden combs at a local health food store that nicely compliment the blonde boar bristle brush and I plan to get rid of all of my other terrible brushes and combs.

My question is, how should I care for this brush?  I know that Mr. Morrocco talks about the brushes distributing sebum throughout the hair and I wouldn't want to harm the brush or jeopardize what it can do by washing it in detergent or another harsh substance (I am working hard to get all of these types of damaging chemicals out of my home anyhow.)  What is the best thing to clean it with?  How often should I wash it.  When I used all the plastic combs and brushes I would wash them weekly in a detergent shampoo, but I'm sure this is not advised with this special and wonderful brush.

Thank you for your kind assistance and thank for your patience with me.

Re: Care of Boar Bristle Brushes

Dear Concerned

simply take the brush into the shower with you once per month and use it while shampooing
use it like a scalp massager and massage ones hair while shampooing with the shampoos
and this will cleanse your brush and keep it clean and healthy
after simple rinse it off with water and leave it standing on its head to dry

and voila it will be cleansed using natural shampoos

great Healthy Journey

Happy HOlidays