Topic: Periodic hair loss

I have been using your shampoos and conditioners for about 5 years - and very much enjoy the results. I started with a lot of hair loss and your products detoxed my scalp and cut the hair loss to a more normal level - you could see the new hair growing in at the hair line. About 2 years in my hair started falling out at it's old rate and, after about 3 months, I was back to where I started with thickness. Then the hair loss went back to normal and the hair grew back in. This last summer - about 2 years after the first incident, this happened again. Do you have any thoughts on this pattern? Is there anyway to shorten the duration?

Re: Periodic hair loss

dear concerned

this pattern is seasonal
generally after the summer the hair roots will slow down production and in the fall quite production.
in the winter months there will be more hair loss visually due to a lack of growth
and in the spring one sees a very good growth and new hair follicles
this is all part of Nature and her way of shifting energies during seasons.

also like spokes in a wheel it all is inter dependent on how we live the rest of our healthy life styles
breathing is critical             so alot of breathing exercises both am and pm is very beneficial
stretching and breathing     yoga and other gentle classes are excellent
eating a diet of 70% water foods vs non water foods
exercise simple walks 30 minutes both am and pm
alot of brushing and scalp massaging
alternating MM products and doing our detox seasonally

please report any personal problems for a more direct suggestion

and thanks for going truly Natural Simply Pure Wild Crafted Organic Fair Trade