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Hi Anthony,

I think I should of probably given a better title for my previous thread, so here goes. I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful products and knowledgeable insight in the saturated market of holistic health. That being said I have a question about these ingredients. I recently stopped by my local health food store and they had this new herbal hair tonic that is suppose to thicken up hair and be really good for the scalp. Its called Hakeem Herbal Hair Tonic. I was thinking of picking this up for my father since its so close to me. Have you heard of this supposed age old remedy and what do you think of it? Do you think this would be safe to use? Here are the ingredients -->

ingredients: Almond oil, Sesame Seed oil, Mother of Pearl, Sandalwood, Soapstone, Flamirgia Grahammana, Sulphur.


Thank you

Re: Question about ingedient listings.

Dear Concerned

just checked out their site
this is one of hundreds of vendors in India and they all have different combos of herbal oils and botanicals
dont know of this one but again its one of hundreds
cant really tell about the integrity of their ingredients as its not spelled out
calling them and asking direct ?'s like for each ingredient are they organic?  or do they use pesticides etc etc etc
how is it preserved?
is it heated/ pasteurized?
personally I cant see how this can possible volumize ones hair?  how does it thicken ones hair?  Oil tends to make ones hair the opposite effect?
Y are they using soapstone?
what is the source of their Sulphur? 
suggest calling and get a feeling of who you are dealing with.

great Education and Health