Topic: shampoos and hormones

I am having very bizarre hormonal issues and my hair is acting crazy. It is super oily on the scalp and dry at the ends. (I have thick naturally curly hair.)

I have tried zen detox, rotating MM shampoos (all except Air since I'm allergic to cedar), Chi conditioner only on the ends, and Diamond mist. Is there anything else I can try to help balance this out?

Thanks in advance for any tips.
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Re: shampoos and hormones

Happy Spring energies

for a very oily scalp and dry ends
brushing 3 times daily and using our scalp massager as often as comfortable
then after shampping and rinsing use MM Euro oil - just a few drops on the ends and brush or comb thru.  Again only a few drops so the ends do not get too oily.

shampoo daily for very oily scalp
and use MM Chi inst. hair cond after shampooing leave in for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse again
if our shampoo are not getting thru all of ones hair or not rinsing out thoroughly then add water to the bottle and shake and use as its super concentrated
brushing and scalp massaging will work wonders for a oily scalp and follow instructions for brushing/scalp massaging

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