Topic: Hair is thinning

I purchased a brush as well as shampoo from your website (just ordered the shampoo so I have not tried it yet).  I am brushing and massaging according to the Morocco Method.  I stopped using shampoo and conditioner a month ago.  My hair is thin, strait and down to my bottom.

I noticed that I was starting to lose alot of hair when I would brush, but now I really notice it.  My hair is SO thin and I am very nervous.  I am not sure what is happening...I think some of it might be breaking off, and there are some hairs with the root attatched.

I have been scrubbing my scalp in the shower 2 times a day with just water, and washing with baking soda maybe once a week.  I rinse with apple cidar vinegar 3 times a week.  But have stopped everything now, and just water wash and brush, very gently.

I am waiting to recieve my shampoo order from your website, but will be using the shampoo as soon as I get it.  Do you have any recomendations in regards to the large amount of hair loss.  It is frightening how thin it has become since stopping all the regular shampoo and conditioner use. 

I am being very gentle with the brushing now, so as not to lose more hair. 

Was the hair I lost just very weak?  Will it grow back stronger? 

Thank you in advance.

Re: Hair is thinning

I have the same problem as you have and I think this is because of the Apple cider vinegar.I used to have strong tick hair but since I started rinsing with the ACV (about 2 1/2 years ago),my hair became thin and breaking.Maybe the acidity of the vinegar killed or disturbed the follicles.The MM shampoos and oils helped me recover part of it though.

Re: Hair is thinning

Dear Long Hair Lover

first of all one needs to blunt cut the ends once per season this is a must for everyone growing long hair
as the ends split over time and need to be blunted to prevent the splitting to up the hair shaft.
even blunting the ends 1/4 of an " once per season is highly recommended.
if ones hair on the ends are very split then recommmend cutting 1 to 3 inches off the first time then a seasonal routine of 1/4"