Topic: shedding and follicles !!!


Somedays I'm shedding more or less than others.The hair I shed (while shampooing,brushing or just passing my hand thru my hair) contains the root.Does that mean that the hair won't regrowth in that part? That the follicle or root is dead? Or does the follicle or root regenerate after a while?

Re: shedding and follicles !!!

I am having this same issue the last few weeks.  There seems to be more shedding than I'm comfortable with and the shed hair many times has a small bulb or "core" attached.  I would also like to know if this is a serious problem with the follicle and if there is any need for concern.  I pray that doesn't mean there won't be regrowth in that follicle. 


Re: shedding and follicles !!!

MORE INFO on what is causing the shedding?
doing any kind of processes or using any kinds of medications or supplements ?

the bulb one is seeing at the end of the hair follicle is a hair follicle bulb.
this is not cause for alarm as in hair regrowth the bulb, hair follicle regrows back
its the root one is concerned with and that does not fall out.  it can be cut out in transplants (something we recomend never doing under any conditions or concerns)
ones root can die but that generally does not happen

suggest using a shower filter, alternating all 100% natural hair care and detox.
MM Zen Detox is excellent for this situation and one gets three treatments in one box.  do once a week for 3 weeks rest one month then repeat detox.

brushing and scalp massaging to get more air and blood into the roots for optimum hair regrowth and to stimulate ones oil glands

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