Topic: morrocco method products and genetic pattern baldness


i've been reading your website and am interested in trying the products.
i shall try them regardless i think but wish also to ask you about hair loss.

i've always had extremely fine, thin childhood it was like long fine spun silk and later became more like cobweb. it is so light as to have no weight at all and is fragile and lacking in strength, body and ooomph. apart from this it's rather nice hair and would look OK if there was a lot more of it. i'd be struggling to get a ponytail 5mm in diameter before i got a shortcut. it has been thinning through the front and top for the past 5 or 6 years. depressing anytime but even more so because i'm a very young and active 44 and my skin, nails and health in general are good.
a trichologist told me it was female genetic pattern baldness. i have used nioxin shampoo for years now and it helps a bit. i also have tried a laser brush and viviscal fish product not sure of the results as used everything together. also am recently trying a macrobiotic orientated diet to try to strengthen my hair. i'm not interested in applying gels or mousse. i haven`t used strong products for many years and my hair has improved a bit recently though is still very thin.
i had it cut extremely short last summer, which suits me says everyone...and it looks in better condition short, however, it's starting to grow out a little and i really want long lovely hair! having never had it i'm not sure it's possible..but am wondering if i can try again..i have tried several times before but gave up because of it`s weightlessness and ratty look.

do you have any suggestions?

thanks ever so much.
kindest regards

Re: morrocco method products and genetic pattern baldness

good Health Lydia

thanks for the post and concerns
first of all do not use any processes or chemical products such as nioxin as this will cause confusion to ones growth patterns.
short hair is good for spring but one can let it grow out and lengthen but must be blunt cut on a regular basis like every 6 to 8 weeks just the ends like 1/4" will be good
we have a method and suggest alternating our shampoos one each time please read our educational literature on our site.
also our conditioners.  you will find special packages containing what will be great to get started.  under  HEALTHY HEALTH PACKAGES
simply choose which one feels good for you to start with
read our literature on brushing and scalp massaging gentle and mild use will help to get more blood and air into ones scalp, growth patterns and roots.
MM specializes in difficult and thin hair patterns and improvement is seen dramatically within 30 to 90 days
again do not use anything else for 90 days to receive optimum results.

and thanks for going truly Natural/wild crafted Organic/Fair Trade/Green
wishing you long Luxurious Hair
Anthony Morrocco