Topic: Acupuncture-needles in scalp

Hi Anthony,

I have seen this topic here before but wasn't clear on your stance.  I am planning on getting acupuncture and I know that one place they may put the needles is in the scalp.  Is this ok or should I ask them not to?

Thanks so much

Re: Acupuncture-needles in scalp

accupuncture is my healing method of choice and have been doing accupuncture since the mid 1960's with the greatest success.

yes its quite good to have needles placed in the scalp for all types of healings.  Personally I have this done once per season and its A -  OK for needles to be anywhere in ones body.

Use in good Health
Accupuncture activates ones life force energies to help heal oneself in a very holistic way

Great Health and Healings
Anthony Morrocco