Topic: Could detox create allergic reaction to chemical hair dye?

Hi Anthony,

I've been using your 4 shampoo system for a couple months now.  A month ago, I used my regular chemical hair dye and had itching/redness on scalp for the next few days.  I wasn't totally sure if it was an allergic reaction or something else causing it since I had been using hair dyes prior to that. 

A couple days ago, I used a root-touch up on a nickel size area on my head and ended up having a pretty bad allergic reaction.  The right side of my face is swelled up now as a result.  I'm puzzled as I've never had an allergic reaction to hair dye before these two times.  Could the shampoos/detox have made my scalp more sensitive?  I believe I'm allergic to the chemical PPD that is used in chemical hair dyes to make the color permanent.

It's clear to me that I have to change to a natural hair dye.  I have pitch black hair with greys and am concerned that my greys will end up looking orange/red with the henna treatments.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can use henna and have a dark brown or black color on my greys? 

Thanks for your guidance Anthony....


Re: Could detox create allergic reaction to chemical hair dye?

Dear Mitra

yes when one goes natural the body goes along with it and after using MM Hair Care for example one will start detoxing
so when using harsh chemical process one will have a reaction.  its the body's way of telling one that its not happy with the continued use of chemicals from past history.
its a good sign to be alerted how truly harsh these chemicals are and once the body starts detoxing its in reverse of storing chemicals in our glands a very alarming awareness for us all.

in using MM Natural Plant Based Henna
my suggestions are
for black hair use 1/5 red and 4/5 black Henna  for your first application
then wait 72 hours and re apply same mixutre
as the henna needs something to stick to after the first application
this may take 3 or 4 applications to deepen and saturate your desired color
as you do each application you will see more results for your desired color

please follow our directions on our website there basic but for first timers kind of challenging
but after the first go at MM Henna its gets easirer and one will realize how truly easy and simple it is to apply

Wishig you Great Health and Luxurious Hair