Topic: chi conditioner/detangling

hi anthony--

i just used the chi conditioner for the first time, but was unable to detangle my hair in the shower with it.  even when
i diluted it a bit with water, and left it on for about 10 min., it was just a thick mess in my hair.
i had to use another organic conditioner to comb through the tangles  (max green alchemy scalp rescue conditioner). 
i'd love to use only your products so that i can really stay consistent with the treatment, but i don't know how
to detangle with the chi. any suggestions?  my hair is very curly/wavy, and needs to be detangled in the shower
before i put the styling gel in afterward.

thanks again!

ps.  i just ordered the shower filter so i'm very excited to see what the difference will be with my hair!

Re: chi conditioner/detangling

for the chi inst hair conditioner
for thick curly hair that tangles suggest adding water to the bottle and shake before using
one can put a few drops of Euro Natural oils on the ends of ones hair after towel drying to untangle
tangles is a sign of ones ends being split
again blunt cutting ones ends once per season helps this process greatly