Topic: hydrotherapy on scalp

Hi Anthony, I was wondering if alternating hot/cold on the scalp once a day would be a good addition to massaging and brushing.
I'm thinking if this was good for the body, it should be good for the scalp to help with more circulation.

But the hot and cold is toned down slightly so as not to be too much for the scalp.

Is this a good idea to alternate hot cold on the scalp?

Re: hydrotherapy on scalp

Yes this is excellent
very European and Asian therapy for blood and air circulation
start off with a hot shower not extreme hot but hot to warm
then gradually cool down as one is finishing with the shower
and gradually go as cold as stimulating to ones temperature

I do this daily and finish with a cold shower on the scalp and down thru the rest of the body
getting the lymph system to feel stimulated

very refreshing and stimulating to get the blood and air circulating thru out the entire body

now its summer and should be even more comfortable as a waker upper
great to the scalp for blood air stimulation

great suggestion
and thanks for the post

Great Health and Hair