Topic: 10 year old child with hair loss

Dear Mr. Morrocco,

I am about to buy your products for the first time, however first needed some advice to determine which shampoo and conditioner will be best (as it will be for myself and my girls).

My eldest daughter pulls her hair into a tight pony tail every day, and the front of her hairline is receding markedly. Now her forehead is quite prominent. She refuses to wear it loose and let it fall naturally to the side. Her hair is currently to her shoulders, and the hairdresser layered it... So we will be blunt cutting it. She would like to have a fringe (we are in Australia, and this is what you call 'bangs'). What do you recommend is best for her to allow the hair to rest and then re-grow (I can send you a picture for better analysis if need be)? Her hair is thick like mine, and the roots get oily quickly. I will be using neutral henna on both my girls. It is Winter here...

My hair is very long, thick, wavy and has blonde highlights that I'm growing out (natural hair is dark blonde/light brown). I will be blunt cutting it (a hairdresser will when I find one that will stop 'thinning' my thick hair with layers!!!) to my shoulders perhaps. Recently my hair has started thinning at the front... It also gets oily at the roots, whilst the mid-lengths are porous from highlights (even when I have it cut, the top lengths will still be partially coloured).

I was thinking about starting with the 2 trial sets, to determine which products work best for us... although I don't think it will last very long at all with 3 girls using it nomicons/smile

I'm going to be documenting the entire process as part of a detox I'm doing: notes, photos, video...

Thank you for your assistance with this.


Re: 10 year old child with hair loss

good Health Lisa and Girls

first of all do not use elastic in pulling ones hair back
use strips of leather or rawhide to tie ones hair back
as elastic and hair are simular and when one puts elastic bands into ones hair it glues them together and it voila breakage guaranteed.
bangs are Ok but dont like them it takes away the natural waves
happy to hear your stopping the highlights.  perhaps use our marigold henna as it turns any grey hairs blonde naturally

blunt hair cutting is the best for shoulder length hair and easlly done with the hairdressers snipping away with ones thickness and fullness layering is so artificial and unnatural.

simple after showering comb down ones hair and blunt the ends ever so slightly using our lunar haircutting dates.

for the trial sets keep adding water to the bottles of shampoo and shake well before using they will go a long way in usage.

and thanks for going truly Natural


Re: 10 year old child with hair loss

Hello Anthony,

Thank you for your prompt response. Julia thanks you, and feels more relieved now. She has decided to have a blunt fringe to her eyebrows, making her forehead less prominent. She likes her hair straight. This will give it a rest from being pulled back all the time. Yes, we do use elastics (ones they advertise that do not damage the hair... not as bad as rubber bands, however they pull it too tight all the same).

In saying a strip of leather, is this then wrapped and tied around the pony-tail? Julia thinks hers will just fall out.

I've never cut my own hair, or the girls. I need to learn the proper technique so I get it straight!  I will use the marigold for certain - it will be lovely on my natural hair (wondering if I should use light brown over the blonded sections first though, so that the ends match the roots? Then do the Marigold as a second step over all of the hair?). My roots are dark blonde/light brown. I do not have any grey hairs yet, I'm only in my early 30's nomicons/smile

With the lunar haircutting dates, I understand them and the principles... The number 5, the "essence" of its vibration is LIFE. You will see 5 reflected everywhere in nature (the 5-pointed star) is at the heart of fruit (take a look at blueberries, cut an apple in half at the centre - not through the stalk...). Are these lunar dates the same for the Southern Hemisphere (due to different seasons)?

Thank you for all the wonderful recommendations.

Lisa (and a big hug from Julia)

Re: 10 year old child with hair loss

Blunt snip cut done on Julia's hair (youngest already has a blunt snip cut 'bob') on the correct date, then I went and had half my hair cut off (the bottom layers that came down to the middle of my back) so it is now all one length. Of course the hairdresser was wanting to put layers in it to 'lighten' the weight, but I told her that it was fine just to leave it. My two-tone hair is annoying at the moment... Natural hair darkens in Winter (highlights went even lighter in Summer, and any re-growth just blended) so I'm hoping that the Marigold Henna blends it nicely.

I've just ordered the trial packs of shampoo, conditioners, blood of the dragon styling gel, neutral henna and marigold henna. Can't wait to receive it. I forgot to add Light Brown Henna (to cover my highlighted parts so they blend with the roots). Next time I guess. I was going to get the Elixirs too, but the International Shipping is costly and goes up by weight.

Will write again once I receive the items.

Looking forward to it!!!!!!!