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hi. i started using MM products about a month ago. i love the smell and feel of them and am happy also with the brown henna.
i haven't used many chemical products on my hair ever because it has always been fragile...but a few sometimes. my hair has always been fine and thin and started thinning more several years ago. i started using nioxin and in the last year tried viviscal for 6 months (then stopped) and changed my diet to be less expansive (macrobiotic principle but i am not strictly macrobiotic). i also got it cut short from just over shoulder length. my hair REALLY improved in the past year. i am not sure why. almost NO falling hair and some regrowth but still very thin in front. however i saw MM and wanted to try. BUT my hair has started falling again as of last week. really quite alot and i am getting has taken so long to get it looking thicker i am concerned it will start looking bald again as i have so little to lose anyway.   ???

Re: falling hair

not to worry
what is falling out is simple weak hair follicles that are on their way out anyway
they will all grow back with alot more new and stronger ones.

its just a detox period
have you tried our Zen DEtox recommended to do as a summer program

happy to hear your going truly Natural and congratulations on stopping such chemicals as nioxin and such products they are truly very damaging

suggest brushing and scalp massaging daily
daily walks 30 minutes per day does wonders to our lymph system for more blood and air intake

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Re: falling hair

Hi. THANKS for your reply.

i want to believe your comments! however, my hair had FINALLY stopped falling and had been regrowing strongly and healthily for over 6 months had noticeably improved.

i decided to try your products as they seemed so nice. and they are! my hair has continued to stay shiny and soft and a little bouncy BUT started falling out again. i haven't yet used the ZEN detox as was worried about losing more. my hair is SO fine and thin anyway i cannot afford to lose more and i have a job where it's not acceptable for me to wear a head scarf or covering and i have already struggled before with trying to keep it looking presentable before it improved about 6 months ago (it was becoming frightfully sparse through the top and front). maybe i can try it soon in my holidays.

i have been massaging and brushing and always get regular outdoors exercise. (it's my usual lifestyle.)

i'm not sure if the falling is due to weak hair as you say (although it finally had become strong), or stopping nioxin and changing products, or to summer and the expansive nature of heat and drinking fluids or some other reason.

my thin hair seems more the result of genetics than use of chemical products i wonder.
i seemed to get some slight red spotting at times on my scalp in the front when using the golden essence diamond elixir although it felt like a nice product.
have you had people who the products simply did not work well for?

kindest regards.

Re: falling hair

all hair fall out is due to  basic reasons
either one is using chemical hair care / stress / lack of blood and air into the scalp / scalp stimulation / diet / major stress - worry - anxiety
one is beginning to detox and therefore all the weak hairs will fall out as they are on there way out anyway
and they will all grow back due to the fact that one has a active root and growth patterns functioning
it all just needs to be readjusted and the oil glands/ the growth patterns / blood flow and air stimulation are all on the mend.

think of it as maintenance.  if one does not maintain ones vehicle for a service check ups and simple keeps putting in cheap motor oils over the many years like 10/20 or even 40 years the vehicle will start to fall apart like sections of ones motor will start mal functioning or even simple stop.
spokes in the wheel and time and patience to see Healthy results one must have a Natural path and follow thru.

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