Topic: Elixirs?

Hi Anthony,

I have just recently begun using MM and am excited to continue using it!

I don't have thinning hair or problems with hair falling out. I have hair about six inches past my shoulders, wavy, normal thickness, and somewhat dry. Would the elixirs still be of benefit to me? Should I be incorporating them into the MM system? And if so, which ones do you recommend?

Thanks you so much for creating this line and for answering our questions!! nomicons/smile


Re: Elixirs?

Dear Healthy and longhairlover

for dry hair I recommend using the 4 god/dess elixir series
use as prescribed especially in the dry summer months. 
alternate them as prescribed and use until final.  you will see a noticable difference in your texture.
thanks for going truly Natural and your most welcome we here at MM thrive on your comments to support us all to support you with the very best in Hair care 100% Naturally - wild crafted and holistically Green


Re: Elixirs?

Thanks!! nomicons/smile