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Topic: Long Hair

Hey Anthony,

I have followed what you have said about men getting their hair cut short according to the season and allowing it to grow more in the fall/winter. 

My question is can a man with a healthy head of hair allow his hair to grow long year round to a length that he can wear it in a ponytail or will this inevitably affect the health of ones hair and scalp?  I would like to grow my hair long but want to get your opinion on it.  Thanks so much

Re: Long Hair

long Hair for MEN

as long as there is no thinning Men can wear hair as long as they desire.
if one can support the length with their own Oil glands then this is a very healthy Scalp.

suggest never using elastic anything to hold back ones pony tail.
hair is elastic and using elastic will break ones hairline
suggest using rawhide/ leather strips for tie backs.

wishing  you Great Health and Hair