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Hi Anthony

What would you recommend for hair growth during ones 40's. I wonder if it is hormonal, I just turned 43 , or whether it is the change of season but my hair seems to be shedding more lately. I really liked the silver chi elixer when I used it last year - is it a good idea to use it in the fall?

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Re: hair changes

Also, one other question - what is your opinion of Aubrey shampoos? Thanks for any input

Re: hair changes

hair regrowth is like gardening
it has seasons a time to
now its fall a time to detox and let the scalp and growth patterns rest for the winter
then in the spring it voila major growth after fall and winter healing and resting period.]

best to alternate all shampoos one each time
alot of brushing and scalp massaging
Zen Detox is a great way to relax into fall season.

elixirs would recommend doing the 4 series GodDess Elixirs great for reconstruction of the scalp

wishing you Luxurious and Healthy Hair & Scalp