Topic: Scalp pimples/acne

Hi Anthony. All my life I've had scalp pimples, but only on my scalp as my face is totally clear of them. For the past year I have stopped using SLS shampoos and that has helped  a bit, but they're still there.

My hair is on the fine side, but lots of it and its embarassing to put it up at times because you can see the pimples.  I wash every other day so as to not strip the oils for my hair, and this is hard as my hair tends to be very oily and looks stringy by the end of the day.

Would your products help stop the pimples and if so, any one shampoo in particular out of the several you sell? I did order the started pack and eagerly awaiting its arrival (I'm in Canada so I know it will take awhile).

Thanks in advance,

Re: Scalp pimples/acne

Dear Sarah

thanks for your concerns
first of all use our ZEN DETOX for your scalp issues this will do wonders
for oily scalp suggest using our EARTH  -  PINE SHALE AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR SHAMPOOS

also our Silver elixir is great for oily scalp
pimples are a reaction of the scalp wanting to Detox so again Zen Detox each box contains three treatments and do one per week.

Please stop using all other hair care products and processes and just use MM exclusively for 30 days to see a noticable difference.

keep me updated

Re: Scalp pimples/acne

Thanks for your reply.  I have received the starter package and love them all, in particular, the 3 shampoos you recommened. My scalp LOVES them.

I believe I'm going through the detox stage right now. Its been about 8 days since using the products and while the crown of my head is nice and clean, the back of my head/underlayer of hair is still stringy and oily.  Either I"m missing this area completely while washing, or its just detoxing.  I have tried to dilute the shampoos in a 50/50 mixture of water to disperse it to the back of my head, but haven't noticed much difference in it being clean after a shampoo.

I will continue using the products none the less because for the first time since I can remember, my scalp no longer itches after shampooing.

P.S. My husband LOVES the smell of my hair after I'm done in the shower lately.... hes asked me what I"m doing different.

Thanks again,

Re: Scalp pimples/acne

Dear Sarah

all sounds GOOD and you are still detoxing
your scalp is detoxing alot of access oil and stored build up in the back of your head

are you doing our ZEN DETOX TREATMENT?  this will help speed up your process here:  each container comes with three treatments
Please do one per week for three weeks.

Happy to hear the itchy ness has stopped a very good sign of detox and recovery

time and patience and you will be more then happy with Luxurious Hair and Scalp

Blessed Thanksgiving