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About two years ago I switched to Morrocco Method products and I just love what they have done for my hair.  I quit using all chemical products and dyes, and from the top of my scalp to my shoulders my hair is about 3x as thick as the rest of the length! 

I just received my new MM boar bristle brush and it is so much nicer than the one I had.  The problem I have is with brushing my hair.  I have tried following the instructions for brushing upside down and then flipping my hair back to brush rightside up, and I hope you can give me some advice.

My hair is nearly classic length, very fine and wavy.  I have been told by many people that wavy/curly hair should not be brushed.  But, by the same token, wavy and curly hair are drier than straight and need the oils distributed.  When I flip my hair over to brush, it gets horribly tangled.  Then, flipping it back it gets even worse.  I have to use a comb to detangle before I can brush.  The other thing that happens is brushing tends to pull all or most of the waves out of my hair.   To top this off, bending over for any length of time makes me very lightheaded and standing back up can be quite a rush!  I often need to sit down directly and let the room stop spinning.  I would try sitting to do the upside down brushing, but my hair is too long and would lie on the floor. 

Is there something I am just doing wrong?  Should I just practice this more until I get it down to a science?  Should I not brush and just use the comb?  I would appreciate any advice.  I love how my hair is looking and I want to do everything I can to treat it right.

Re: Hair brushing questions

for light headedness meaning one needs to get more BLOOD AND AIR INTO ONES SCALP on a constant basis
and for tangles
meaning the ends of ones hair is split.
ONE NEEDS TO GET A BLUNT hair cut minimum once per season even if only 1/4" per blunt cut.
yes one needs to get the natural oils to the ends of ones hair
get more circulation to ones scalp
scalp massage and brushing daily
and cut ones ends spring is the ultimate time to do this
and follow the instructions
bend over and stand up 3 times per session and hopefully 3 times per day


Re: Hair brushing questions

Rapunzel-hi! only you know what is best for you, your health and hair through your experiences....personally, I have issues with the bending over as well and don't even flip my head down with a towel after washing...hurts the neck and makes me dizzy!

as for brushing the hair, I have curly hair and just won't do it...I don't care if someone says I should ; removes the curl and my hair has a tendency to get knotty and tangled...that's MY experience with brushing.....scalp massaging is another story! the wooden one that used to be offered, except for the occasional snag on the wooden nubs, was great for massaging....

so, scalp massaging , yay; brushing a big nay!

Re: Hair brushing questions

i second 'no' to brushing to curly hair. i have extremely curly hair with defined curls and even combing at this length would cause much wear and tear, so i only fingercomb with lots of (all organic) leave-in conditioners and oils such as coconut or sweet almond.  massaging, however, is not only good for scalp but very relaxing. i use fingertips for massaging though as i can hair more control not to snag through my hair that way.
i'd like to do what makes caring for my hair both a pleasure and comfortable.  getting a brush through curly hair, with as much curl as i have, is impossible, not just difficult.

Re: Hair brushing questions

Before MM, I didn't brush my hair. Since MM in 2005, I brush my hair. It has grown softer and more manageable, with no damage or breakage. I do not brush when my hair is wet or damp, dry only. Also, I have a rare type of curly hair: fine, big coils, as opposed to tight and/or coarse ringlets. That might make a difference. nomicons/smile

Re: Hair brushing questions

I also have fine, wavy hair, and brushing does pull the curl out and make it look weird. But I do believe that getting the oils to the ends of the hair is important, so I have been doing my massaging/brushing at night, and by morning my hair has regained its waves. My hair gets less curly day by day in the three or four days between shampoos anyway, so I can brush more often as I get closer to my next shampoo day without the weird result.

Just my experience. Clearly, everyone seems to be tailoring this method to their own particular needs. It's good to read about all the different variations on a theme.

BTW, when I got my massager with my starter kit, it was made of some kind of rubber, not wood. I'm actually happy about it. I wasn't sure I'd like the wood one. The one I got is nice and gentle.

Re: Hair brushing questions

Thanks to everyone for the advice! 

Since I have just combed my hair for a long time and know how that affects it, I decided to give brushing another try.  I had my ends trimmed on the most recent lunar haircutting date and started. 

It still got tangled towards the middle the first couple times I flipped my hair over, but I think I have the hang of it now.  I just need to finger comb it down a bit, so it isnt flying all over, then I can slowly begin to brush.  I also took Anthony's advice and do not stay bent over for very long.  I stand up and brush rightsideup then flip it over again 3x.  Doing this has kept me from getting lightheaded.  I don't have a scalp massager yet, so I have just been working on being more diligent about massaging with my fingertips.

After just the last few days I have noticed that my hair is much softer and silkier.  It used to be very flyaway and although it does get staticky while I brush, by the time I finish it is lying smoothly.  The waves do flatten out, but if I use the Diamond Crystal Mist or some rosewater they come back.  The ends are not as dry, and I do not need to use jojoba oil as often.  It also used to get horribly tangled if I wore it down while wearing velvet.  Now I can wear velvet and leave my hair down and it does not tangle at all!  I have been wearing my hair down nearly every day instead of putting it up.

Something else I have noticed has to do with the Crystal Mist.  It used to make my hair feel sort of coated and built up, the same way 'cone products used to.  Since I started brushing the mist just makes my hair incredibly soft!! I am so glad I tried brushing again.  I am really enjoying the results. 

Now I need to get the scalp massager and the travel sized brush. nomicons/smile

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Thank you, Rapunzel, for the Diamond Crystal Mist tip. I'm really new to the Method, only a few weeks, have long fine wavy hair like you do and have been struggling with the flyaway nonsense after the brushing (that's what I meant in my earlier post when I said the brushing made my hair look "weird"). I have the blonde brush, which is very soft and I have to be VERY gentle and I do have to kind of finger comb the top before brushing when I flip my head my back up or the brush gets caught in my hair. Today I was feeling kind of down, looking at my flyaway, just-brushed hair, but then I read your post and ran and spritzed with the Crystal Mist and it did bring the curls back and make my hair look better!

I've so far used the mist only in the rotation as instructed. I'd been using some Euro oil to try to tame the frizz when needed, but this works better. Can you use the mist everyday?

Can't wait to get to the point where I feel my hair looks and feels better than it did before I started the healing process with the MM products. Not complaining! I know I need to be patient!


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Hi Rachel,

I use the mist every day.  Sometimes more than once!  I use a bit after brushing, and any time my hair feels dry or flyaway or the waves have flattened out.  I also use it any time I just want my hair to feel refreshed, I just love the scent!

For my hair, the Euro oil is just too heavy.  It makes my hair look really greasy.  If I need oil I use a few drops of jojoba oil, which is very light and very close to natural hair oils. 

You described my hair-brushing tangling problem exactly!  I have the same issue of the brush getting tangled in my hair but the finger combing really helps.  In regards to being new to the program, it took me about 6 months of random weird greasy spots appearing on my head before things calmed down.  Now I wouldn't go back to my old products for anything.  My scalp never itches, I love that I can wash my hair daily and it feels so much healthier!

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Re: Hair brushing questions


Re: Hair brushing questions

Here is an article of how to brush naturally curly hair without damaging the curl pattern!