Topic: Detox a 2nd time?

I've been using Morrocco Method for quite a few months - maybe 3-4 months. I seemed to go through a short detox process in the beginning, though the oil production took a while to calm down. My oil production was the main reason for starting Morrocco Method, as I couldn't even go more than 6 hours after a wash before I was looking greasy. So I used the Zen Detox weekly for three weeks and just used it again last week. My hair feels fabulous after that. However, it's feeling pretty disgusting most other days. If it starts out with a clean feeling in the morning and doesn't have a grungy look and feel after washing, by evening it feels sticky, tangled and just not clean with a ton of build up. Today I even noticed hair breakage when I tried to comb it out mid-day while being relatively careful about how I combed. I've started diluting the shampoo, which I didn't need to do in the beginning. It seems to help in the morning, but no difference by the end of the day. I also use a boar's brush at least once a day, usually in the evening. I'm getting very frustrated because I thought I already went through the detox. Any suggestions?

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Re: Detox a 2nd time?


Re: Detox a 2nd time?

The Apple cider vinegar is great idea. I don't have the oil problem any longer though, but will save the idea if it ever decides to haunt me again.  I do use soft water at home but while I travel I do have to use hard water. I may be through this detox phase, but here is what seems to be working fabulous right now. 

I have two 8-ounce squirt bottles. One I fill with cold water (bottled water if I'm travelling) and the other with shampoo. When filling the bottle with shampoo I add enough shampoo so it covers a good portion of the bottom. I then fill it up about 1/3 full with regular water and shake.

Once I went my hair down I will squirt the shampoo mixture on my hair and rub it around so it coats most of my hair. After massaging it in good I will rinse with just the shower head. 

For the second shampoo I also squirt the shampoo mixture on my hair and rub it around so it coats most of my hair and massage it in. When I'm ready to rinse I start out by doing a rinse with the shower head. Then I fill up the squirt bottle with shower water and rinse well and make sure it's rinsing all hair and not just the top. Then I fill it again and repeat the process. Finally, I rinse my face and hair with the cold water, again making sure all the hair is rinsed and the ends have been treated with the cold water. 

I'm sure I'll continue to fine tune this process but I'm very happy. I can also brush right now and I don't notice "junk" being transferred through my hair. 

Thanks for the suggestions.