Topic: Layers

I have recently begun my Morrocco Method journey and I am very excited. My hair has been growing out from a short cut for about 2 and a half years now. Unfortunately, I did not keep up good haircutting habits during that 2 year period. I looked at my hair one day and realized it was terribly damaged. In attempts to eliminate the slip ends but keep my length I cut layers into my hair. They are sporadic and pretty long, but still there, and I do not like them. How do you suggest I grow them out? Just ignore them and only blunt snip the bottom of my hair? Or trim them as well until they grow out and I can cut to a uniform length? 
Also, will boar bristle brushing help my hair grow faster?

Re: Layers

You'll definitely want to trim all the split ends. So cutting minimally and waiting for them to grow out and then cutting to a uniform length is the best option.

The boar bristle brush will help move your sebaceous oils through your hair, preventing split ends and making strands stronger. Less breakage, more length.