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Hi! nomicons/smile So I've been boar brushing my hair for months and just recently started scalp massage this week. It was tricky at first because I have sensitive scalp and certain spots were more tender than others. I massaged my hair 2-3 times a day (still am!) After a while, the tender spots toughened up and my whole body loves the invigorating feeling that scalp massage gives. nomicons/smile I also noticed that with the first day of scalp massage, and especially the first ever time, I had a higher than average hair fall rate from the massage. It was just like weeding the winter garden before planting! My body had a lot of old/weakened hairs to let go of in order to make room for new growth. I haven't had any hair fall like the first massage day since. 

I'm about to order my MM started set with all the shampoos and conditioners. Being eco friendly and thrifty, I wanted to use up my organic conventional shampoo and conditioner before I ordered the MM products. Although I have had the pleasure of trying some of the MM line and it's incredible- it's been hard waiting for my old products to run out! I also gave away or tossed any styling products I used to use. I have friends who aren't quite there yet with the natural products, and most gladly took them off my hands. I figure it's better they use them, since it'll just end up in the landfill otherwise. They were all mostly organic/natural stuff too (just not holistic like MM's products- I've learned there is a distinct difference!). 

Another thing I've done is drastically cut down on heat styling. I used to blowdry my hair with a round brush then flat iron any flyaways, as well as my bangs. Now I'm air drying my hair 19/20 times I wash it (the occasional heat style is when I'm in a rush to get out the door). I am still flat ironing my bangs, but that is temporary as I'm growing them out. I think as my hair thickens and gets healthier, I'll not need to flat iron anything anymore. I'm getting to it.

My hair is otherwise very healthy. I haven't colored my hair in almost a decade, so all of my hair is "virgin". I don't heatstyle much, and I've always been very gentle with my hair. If anything, what I've needed to improve on is brushing, scalp stimulation (massage), and use products that really nourish my sensitive scalp. I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the few people who is REALLY affected with foaming-agents like SLS and all it's various other names. For me, I just know in my gut that no-foam shampoo and natural conditioner made with ingredients directly from the Earth is the way to go. 

I'm really excited to get my MM products and start using them, kick SLS to the curb for good, and see how well my hair reacts. I'm totally prepared for a tough detox session before I get to the good stuff, and if the detox happens to be easier than I'm predicting, then I'll be all the more happy for it. I have naturally fine hair shafts, but just a lot of them. So thick/fine hair. And it's longer, so I'm oily at the root and dry at the ends. I practice the "condition the bottom 1/3 of my hair" and that works well. Also dry shampoo is a BFF. I'll be using the Zen Detox as my new dry shampoo once I receive it. I also am thinking that eventually, after my MM transition and detox, that my hair will have a better oil balance at the root since it won't be stripped anymore. 

Well, more to come. I'll be sure to update this again soon once I get my MM kit! nomicons/smile

<3 Emma

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I have been using the bristle boar brush since Monday and I am in LOVE with the invigorating feeling I get afterwards. It truly is invigorating <3 The first time I did the scalp massage I didn't have any hairs fall out so I wonder why.. But trust me I need to weed out a lot in my crowning glory so I wonder if i should try massaging differently to get those hairs to fall out. 

We like to see our customers notice a difference in our shampoos compared to the other "natural/organic" products out there. Thank you for being eco friendly, every little bit helps nomicons/smile 

Cutting down tremendously on heat styling will help you. Its great your able to not use heat products 19/20 times with the exception of your bangs. I curl my hair and straighten it often so I am trying to find different hair styles that will not need heat styling. Any tips? The only other way I do my hair without heat styling is braiding it before I go to sleep at night then having a "curly wave" the next day when I take the braids out. 

Our Pine Shale shampoo seems to be the first one you should try. It helps out wonderfully with sensitive scalps you will see the difference quickly. Good luck kicking SLS to the curb, we will help you in any way possible! Its great you started a journal so we can learn from your experience and take the journey with you <3

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Hi All, 

It's been a while since I last checked in. I've been massaging my hair and brushing it with my boar's brush religiously and it's totally working. Hair fall is so low, it's below average I'm sure. I see little hairs sprouting up along my hairline, especially in the "deep V's" of my temples - YAY! Feeling great. This is a test in patience, since repair from anything takes time. I wish my hair would be 100% healthy with the snap of my fingers, but it just doesn't work that way. 

As far as the detox goes, it's still going. I have had very oily scalp, thinning, hair fall and a thin top of the head with deep V's in my temples, so this will take some time to bounce back from. However...I AM bouncing back. I wash my hair every other day to everyday, depending on some factors: if I have worked out or not, if it's humid or not, if I've swam or not, if I've worn a hat or not. I've also noticed I CAN'T go as long between washings if I don't blow-dry (which I hardly do, but in times of business or needing to look extra professional, I will "indulge" myself.) I think part of this is that it dries my hair out of it's oils and the other part is that my hair lays in the most flattering way when I style it, so it looks better longer. I'm hoping that in the future I won't have to rely on heat styling, and that I'll have enough thick, healthy hair to let it air-dry all the time! Also, to add to this, one thing that has helped me greatly are Zen Detox masks and ACV or beer as a rinse (periodically when I need the extra degreasing boost). It's so important that I scalp massage and boar's brush daily as well. If I skip even one session (let alone one day) I notice a difference: my hair doesn't behave as well and I feel more lethargic - it's very stimulating! I scalp massage in the shower between shampoos (I shampoo twice, as recommended). So shampoo to degrease, scalp massage starting from nape of neck and massaging forward, shampoo again. I'm not conditioning right now, instead I'll do a rinse if I need it (ACV or beer). Before I get out of the shower I'll detangle my hair with a wiiiiide tooth comb. My hair is so much more manageable after the detangle. Then I'll let it air-dry, and then I'll scalp massage again and then boar's brush - 50 to 100 strokes, depending on how much I've brushed already that day. I'll brush my hair upon waking (usually scalp massage too, if I have the time), then once when I get home for the day, and another time before bed. I brush just how Anthony teaches: bent over, knees unlocked to let Chi flow, starting from the nape of the neck up to the front, then brushing straight back at the hairline. I will say though, I also brush my temples, and I section my hair and brush it in "all directions" - I try to get every section and I brush each way to make sure each hair is getting attention. Same with scalp massage. (OH - I also use TWO scalp massagers like Anthony saves SO much time.) What else? I think that's all. As my patience grows, so does my hair. And vice versa.

Thanks for reading and I'll update again soon!

<3 Emma