Topic: getting through detox

I have a few questions regarding getting through the detox process. I have been using MM shampoos for almost 2 weeks, and I'm doing my best to power through! I damaged my hair pretty badly within the last year going no 'poo with baking soda and acv. When my hair became super dry, one quick Google search confirmed it was my harsh wash routine that did it. I've been using a "natural" shampoo and conditioner ever since, until I came across MM. The very first shampoo, my hair instantly felt icky/gummy/tacky (while wet still in the shower!) and it didn't wash away. Lots of white/grey gunk collected on my brush when dry brushing. This has persisted through the rotation of all 5 shampoos. Even the Zen Detox didn't take it away! Today I used unpasteurized unfiltered acv as a rinse after shampooing twice and the "ick" factor was MUCH more tolerable. In fact, I can actually run my fingers through my hair! It just looks and feels a bit greasy. So, on to my questions:

1) Is it beneficial to shampoo every day during the detox period? I'm used to shampooing at most twice a week (not because my hair doesn't need it, but because I have small children and it's difficult to carve out the time), but I've been shampooing every other day with MM to try to get this gunk out! Would more frequent shampooing get me through detox any quicker?

2) I read somewhere in the forums about the acv rinse, but now I can't find it. I just want to clarify I'm doing it correctly: after shampooing twice, rinse with raw unfiltered acv. It won't be too acidic for my hair? I'm especially concerned because of the damage I did going no 'poo, but today's rinse made my hair SO much more tolerable.

3) Does the Zen Detox need to be completely dry before I rinse it out? It still felt quite damp after 45 minutes, but I was afraid to wait much longer to rinse as it was my first one.

Thank you!

Re: getting through detox

Hi Liz,
I'm not an expert. I've been using MM for 2 months. (I tried no'poo baking soda, but only for 2 and a half weeks.) 

Don't wait for Zen Detox to dry completely. That would take hours! And be that much harder to remove.

I don't know about ac rinse, but if it made your hair feel good, I wouldn't worry. Also not sure if more frequent washing will get you through detox faster. All I can say is be patient and listen to your hair and scalp. Everyone is different and going natural shouldn't be difficult for us. It's not like following a cake recipe. Does that make sense? nomicons/smile