Topic: New Beginnings

For several months now I have slowly begun to eliminate chemicals from my home by making my own cleaning solutions. Then I tried the No Poo and ACV for my hair but without great success. Imagine how happy I was to find out about MM!! I read every word of the webpage, every blog and all the forums. I began brushing my hair 3x a day. I've noticed in the last 2 days that my hair seems much oiler. Is this normal? 
I ordered the Healthy Hair package. It arrived yesterday. I immediately mixed the Zen 
Detox and left it on for over an hour. I noticed no change in my hair. Today I washed 
for the first time with the Sea Essence. It seemed a little dry, so I used the Euro Oil just on the ends and let it air dry (usually I blow dry). My hair did not look too good by the time it dried and I did have to use the flat iron before I went out. Is it ok to blow dry? So far I am pretty happy with the products, but I'm not sure if I should continue to blow dry and flat iron

You always have a choice!