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Topic: Hair Static

Hello to Anthony and MM followers,

I am beginning the detox process and have notice some definite changes and improvements in my hair. Yesterday I used the Zen Detox for the first time and I am happy with the results, but my hair now has uncontrollable static. The static noticeably increased after brushing it with a boar-bristle brush. I put some Euro oil on the problem areas (mid-shaft and ends) which helped it a bit, but left it too greasy. 

My main question is: what does static indicate regarding the condition of my hair?
and my next question: what should I do to ameliorate it? 

PS: It is summer and currently quite humid, so in this case weather is not an issue. 

Thanks! nomicons/kissing

Re: Hair Static

I've been battling non-weather related static too. High heat blow-drying creates the worst static in my hair. I don't really care for the look of my hair air-dried, it looks cuter blown straight. So far, my best results are to use one drop of Euro Oil on my wet, just shampooed hair, let it air-dry for a while, and then, still damp, I blow dry with medium heat (not high heat).

Re: Hair Static

I've only been a little over a week with MM products and had really good results with the exception of lots of static. Have you tried the Diamond Mist leave in conditioner?  That's the only that helped me.  I no longer have static issues. Also, are you brushing 3x times a day?  I noticed when I do, it helped with the static.

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Re: Hair Static

Hello EdenGrace,
I would suggest using the Diamond Crystal Mist like blhedstrom suggested!  Try to stay away from high heat as this will take away even more moisture from your hair.  Hair that has a lot of static during detox just means your hair is dry and damaged.  Also make sure you are brushing correctly.  Blhedstrom is a pro at this already!

Happy Hair Journey!