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Topic: Waxy, Coarse and Matted Hair

I really need help here.  I decided to go chemical free a year and two months ago.  I have been using Morrocco Method now exclusively for 9 months. 

My hair is better after it has dried, but right after washing -- it is a matted mess.  Putting a comb through it is quite a task.  Once my hair is dry it is a bit more manageable, but it is still sticky (not oily).  I cannot run my fingers through my hair w/o them getting tangled up.  I do want to specify that my hair is NOT oily at all.  It's sticky.

Again, I've been at this for a while so I've kept my patience in thinking that these have all been detox issues, but now I'm not so sure.  I have not only been chemical free for a while now, but I have also used the Zen Detox treatment and still no relief.  The description of "waxy" "hard" and "matted" all come to mind when I describe what my hair feels like.  As far as the shampoos go -- I rotate all 5.  I start out with a quarter-sized amount and dilute it in a jar of water.  When I was having issues with tangles and combing through it I ordered both conditioner mists and also the pearl essence cream rinse.  I rotate these as well and have tried different combinations...different patterns...all with no relief. 

I just don't know what to do.  I feel like I should be over any sort of detox issues.  I also feel like I am shampooing properly by diluting the shampoo in water, etc... I do brush my hair with a boar bristle brush as well.  My hair is long, and I have been cutting it seasonally since I started this journey.  I am wondering if cutting my hair short will help get the issue resolved?  What could be causing this?  I really do not want to give up on my natural hair care journey.  I have put so much trial and effort towards this that I feel like I have GOT to be missing something...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I hate to say that I've had thoughts of just running back to chemical shampoos just to stop the grief.  I don't even look forward to washing my hair, just because I know how much trouble it is when it's wet.  I don't want to give up -- what are your thoughts?

Re: Waxy, Coarse and Matted Hair


I would recommend trying to use less product when you shampoo, shampooing less often, making sure all of the product is rinsed well, and try using the Euro Oil in your hair to detangle.  Detox periods can last a number of months depending on the amount of chemicals used on your hair and the amount of damage.  Cutting your hair short will most likely help as it will get rid of all the dead hair that has been damaged by the chemicals before.  You could also try using the creme rinse in the shower AND one of the leave in sprays, probably the Diamond Crystal Mist.  Make sure you are massaging your scalp and brushing multiple times daily.  Do not use the boar bristle brush on wet hair.

Happy hair journey!