Topic: Will Morocco method products strip out my hair color?

I have just started using Morrocco method products and my primary motivation is trying to cure my dryness.  I'm trying to find a solution that will help my hair be more conditioned by using my body's natural oils.  That being said, I am also gray and get my hair colored every 4 weeks.  When the site says it is 'releasing chemicals' and 'letting go' of plastics, I assumed it meant those that were in traditional shampoos and that the positive of Morrocco Method was that it didn't have the harsh chemicals that strip out your natural oils.  I was willing to use the harsh chemicals in color once a month to deal with my gray, but was looking for something that didn't have harsh chemicals in it for my shampooing/conditioning.  However, my hair now feels like straw and my hair dresser has said it sounds like the product is STRIPPING or CLARIFYING my hair and will pull out the color she puts in every 4 weeks.  Can someone tell me if this product will pull out my chemical hair color?

Re: Will Morocco method products strip out my hair color?

Hello Alison,

All of our products are color safe.  They are not stripping your hair.  Since you have stopped using chemicals your hair will go through a detox period where the chemicals will begin to release from your hair, showing the true damaged state of your hair.  Once the chemicals are gone from your hair, our products will start to repair your hair.  This is called a detox period.  Your hair will feel dry, oily, and damaged during the detox period that can last anywhere from 3 days to 6 months.  Since our products are actually all natural they will not be harsh on your hair at all, like the products your stylist wants you to be using.  The product will not pull out your hair color.

Happy hair journey!

Re: Will Morocco method products strip out my hair color?

Thanks Katie!  I was pretty sure that I fell into the 'really damaged' hair categories and that is why my hair feels like straw, but just wanted to verify before I put the Zen Detox mask on it that it wouldn't pull out my color.

Re: Will Morocco method products strip out my hair color?

Just read instructions online for Zen Detox and this sentence worries me " Zen Detox pulls heavy metals from the scalp, and then it also removes excess sebaceous oils and residual chemicals from synthetic shampoos, conditioners, styling products, coloring agents, perms, and relaxers from the hair." 

It specifically says it will remove coloring agents from the hair.  I know my first post didn't ask about Zen Detox specifically, so just want to verify that it will NOT pull the chemical color out of my hair.  Katie, can you verify?

Re: Will Morocco method products strip out my hair color?


Yes the Zen Detox will make your hair fade faster.  It is to detox your hair from these chemicals so using the Zen Detox and still coloring your hair is kind of counter productive.  You wouldn't want to use the Zen Detox if you are worried about your color fading.