Topic: Detox - Tried everything, still greasy

Hi! Love the concept of the products but I'm having trouble. 

I already avoided using hot irons or anything on my hair and wasn't washing it much. But it's been two months and my hair is still extremely greasy. I've: 

-done weekly Zen Detox every week for 5 weeks so far
-switched shampoos every time I shampoo
-brushed with boar bristle brush every day (have to wash it EVERY time because it gets greasy and has sebum all over it, plus I get sebum bits all through my greasy hair)
-used ACV rinse after shampoo to try to get my PH levels back
-cleaned up my diet and hydrated a LOT
-diluted the shampoo to use it
-rinsed with cold water

I can say that I'm getting new growth and I know I should be patient, but is there anything else I can do about my detoxing hair? I really want my luxurious hair soon, and not keep buying this stuff if it's not working...

Re: Detox - Tried everything, still greasy


I would recommend using the ACV rinse before using shampoo.  You are doing everything correctly.  Make sure you are massaging your scalp daily.  I know the detox period is frustrating, but it is worth it in the end.  The chemicals are trying to cling to your hair as they are being released from your hair and your scalp is over producing oils because they have been damaged so much.  Detox periods can last anywhere from three days to six months.  Just hang in there!  You're doing everything you need to be doing!

Happy hair journey!

Re: Detox - Tried everything, still greasy

Thank you!