Topic: Wet Hair Every Day Safe??

I am a Caucasian Hispanic with VERY FINE, delicate, dry 3A/3B hair. I HATE the way my hair looks curly, which is why I turned to MM.

I started using MM recently and assume I'll be going through detox for about the next 30-60 days, since I've used only chemical-ridden, artificial cleansers up until this point. I'll be helping this process along with Zen Detox for 3 consecutive weeks, as recommended. 

I refuse to wear my hair down & natural until it improves. It just looks awful right now.

I normally wear my hair in a quasi-bun since I've been avoiding heat styling it straight (to improve its health). I say "quasi-bun" because my hair is so thin AND low-density that I have to fan out a ponytail loop in order to make it look as if I had enough hair for a real bun.

That being said, I thoroughly wet my hair in the shower daily to achieve this look. I do not shampoo every day, since I've heard it is bad for dry curly-haired types. Instead, I shampoo every 3 days or so (when my scalp starts to itch a little by the nape), but I condition every day. I use the conditioner to cleanse on the days that I don't shampoo.

So, my questions are:

1) Is it safe or advisable to wet hair every day in this fashion?
2) If so, does it matter that my wet hair is in a bun and takes half the day to dry?
3) How often should my hair type shampoo? (I know I CAN shampoo every day since MM is natural, but SHOULD I?)
5) Is it okay to conditioner cleanse every day I'm not shampooing?
6) If not, should I just be wetting my hair & applying a leave-in instead?

Thanks so much in advance! As you see, I'm committed and excited to start my healthy hair journey nomicons/grin

Re: Wet Hair Every Day Safe??

1. Yes, it is perfectly fine to wet your hair everyday and co-wash.
2. Our products don't have any alcohols in them, which is why commercial products dry out of your hair so quickly.
3. You can shampoo as often as you feel you need to! Just see what your hair is best
4. Oops, there wasn't a fourth nomicons/smile
5. Of course! Co-washing is a perfectly acceptable form of hair care with our products. But the shampoos actually don't have any harsh cleansers, so you might want to try using the hydrating Sea Essence Shampoo and see if you like that.
6. You can use a leave in or co-wash, depending on how much conditioning you feel your hair needs.

There is really no wrong way to use our products, you just have to listen to your hair and see what works best. For instance, I have 2B curls that are super oily and thick. I can't even touch the conditioners, but my hair LOVES the Earth Essence, which we normally don't suggest to people with curls. You just have to experiment!

Happy Healthy Hair Journey!

Re: Wet Hair Every Day Safe??

LOL! Skipped a number nomicons/grin 

That was immensely helpful!! Thanks so much for your feedback! nomicons/smile nomicons/smile nomicons/smile

Re: Wet Hair Every Day Safe??

I know it is safe to wet your hair everyday because I have done it.  I have 4a/4b hair.  It only helps to  keep moisture in your hair.   I have the same problem with my scalp itching every three days or so.  But I was afraid to use the shampoo because I did not know if it would dry my hair out.   I would  usually just rinse my hair and scrub my scalp thoroughly.   But after reading your post I may try shampooing every 3 days to see how it works.  Could you tell me which of the conditioners you are using to wash on your in between days?  Have you tried the volumizer spritz?  It is great for making your hair look thicker with more volume!   I love it.    Enjoyed your post!

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Re: Wet Hair Every Day Safe??