Topic: Independently tested

Hi! I am brand spanking new to these products, just ordered the Healthy Hair Starter package a few minutes ago. I am skeptical about all of these new "health fads," because I feel like there isn't a ton of research done yet. But I am willing to give this a try because I'm frustrated with my hair and depressed because it's frustrating me! I ordered the boar bristle brush, and I really can't wait to see how that feels! Anyway, my concerns are that this product has everything on the label that I want it to boast of, but how do I KNOW, that whats inside the bottle is what the label claims? Is there a third party laboratory that can testify to the purity of your ingredients? I was a chemistry major in college, so my interest is piqued here. I appreciate any of the information I can get and I look forward to receiving the products and giving them a try!
Thanks for your time! nomicons/smile