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I have recently received my first MM trial pack and my hair is so greasy.

I washed every day, alternating through the shampoos as directed, using the amounts directed - I am now almost 4 days since starting the MM.   My roots look OK, but the rest of the hair is stringy and greasy and smells like unwashed hair (yuk!).   I have also been brushing and massaging as directed.   My hair is long, to bra strap, unprocessed (except the very ends), and medium thick.

What should I do?  My scalp feels and looks totally healthy.   Also I can't imagine there is much of a detox as for the past year i have been using an all-organic, natural, chemical-free shampoo and conditioner and I lead a very healthy lifestyle.   Maybe the amounts I am using are too small (nickel and quarter size as in the instructions).   Can I use lots & lots of shampoo through the length to try and get the grease out?

Advice appreciated, as I like the ethos behind MM and want to keep using it, but I want my soft nice-smelling hair back!


Re: Hair so greasy

suggest using our Zen Detox once per week for 4 to 8  weeks
alternate all four shampoos using more shampoo in the beginning will help. ***There are now 5 shampoos
what was the natural hair care you were using?
Also suggest blunt snip cutting the ends perhaps 1/4 inch per month to help the process
again you are detoxing and xtra shampooing and Zen Detox are very recommended to get one thru the first 30 days.
See our testimonals on others who have had the same results in the firs weeks of using MM which is in itself a detoxing program/method.
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