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My winter "detox" has lasted twice as long as my original detox (which lasted a month, nine months ago). I was told this wasn't a real detox but the symptoms are literally IDENTICAL, and I have that gross, weird-smelling gray build up that is supposedly my hair rejecting all the chemical build up. The quality of the hair beyond my scalp is also disgusting.
Additionally, after I had finished my original detox, I noticed nothing special. My hair was successfully cleaned by the shampoos but it was not shinier, curlier, softer, or less tangled. (If anything it was in worse condition).

I am seriously considering giving up soon and was wondering if I could still use the following products, because I don't want to waste them. Will I still be able to use (1) the dragon gel? Or will it send me into a gross detox if I am using normal shampoo. (2) I purchased clear henna because morrocco method has stolen all my shine, but I was waiting until the end of my winter "detox" to use it, because my hair is going to be gross right now anyways. If I go back to regular shampoos, will I be able to use the neutral henna with out my hair detoxing? (4) The same for the Euro Oil and (3) the mists.

I will not give up quite yet (I am worried that the DAY after I give up would've been the day of the end of winter detox). I patiently waited through my original detox and was committed when it ended, but since I have gotten no clear answers on what this detox relapse is or if it will ever stop, I see no point in wasting more money. I have not been able to find anyone else describing a successful winter detox. I will continue until I have finished my shampoos. 

I really hope to be able to continue using the dragon gel.

Thank you for all your help!

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What you were describing above as your hair being in worse condition before after the detox is common.  It appears to be more damaged because there are no longer any chemical fillers in your hair.  What you are seeing is the true damaged state of the hair.  This is when the healing begins.  

Have you had any environmental changes?  Have you moved recently?  Started taking a medication?  Do you have hard water?  It definitely sounds like you are going through a detox period, although after using MM for nine months there should not be a detox triggered unless there is some type of change in diet, environment, products, etc.

1.  The Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel has nothing in it that will detox your hair or scalp.  Using it while not using MM products will not cause you any issues.

2. Yes, you can use the Neutral Henna when not using our products.  The Neutral Henna also has nothing in it that will cause detoxing.

3. The mists and Euro Oil are also fine to use if not using MM.  They will not cause detox.  The only products that will cause a detox are the shampoos and the Zen Detox.

Have you made any changes to your hair routine recently?  What type of symptoms are you currently having?

Re: Giving Up

Thank you so much. Regardless of what happens I will continue using the dragon gel and hopefully the henna (I haven't tried it yet). 

Good to know about the damaged hair.

The symptoms are almost identical to my detox. My hair is disgustingly sticky to the touch, slightly matted, and my scalp looks very oily (with the exception of a couple spots that somehow seem to get clean, like at the nape of my neck). When I brush my hair, my brush is covered in gray build up (which also happens to smell awful).

I am diluting the shampoos, shampooing twice, washing every two or three days, and I have zen detoxed 4 or 5 times in the last two months. I have changed nothing about my routine (I tried using less shampoo for a few days; it left my hair oilier but equally gross). I use nothing but MM in my hair. Nothing about my diet/medications has changed since I started MM. I have had soft water for the last 7 months. (I vacationed to a place with hard water for about two weeks, but this detox started before that, and has continued for over a month after that). This only environmental change has been winter. I cannot figure out why this has happened, nor why it is going on for EVEN LONGER than my original (one month) detox.

Thanks again for your help!

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I have spoken with my product specialist and we are both not sure why this would be happening.  Generally if people have issues with the change of the seasons it will cause dry or oily hair.  It does not usually cause the stickiness that happens during the detox period.  Generally if you end up going through a second detox the causes could be hormonal changes, medication changes, changes in diet, the use of chemicals on the hair or scalp, changing to hard water, and environmental changes such as moving to a more polluted area.  It does not seem that any of this is the case for you.  If you do have a second detox, it is also generally not as long as the first detox, unless there was some sort of drastic change.  Have you tried a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse to see if that helps at all?  How often are you brushing?  I am so sorry that this is happening to you and i am definitely here to help you troubleshoot and see what is going on.  

It is also odd that certain parts of your hair seem to be okay while others are sticky/matted.  Which shampoos are you currently using?  Are you using conditioners?  Have you dyed your hair recently?  When did you get back from vacation and where did you go?  Sorry for the 21 questions I am just determined to get to the bottom of this and figure out why this is happening to your hair!  I completely understand your frustrations and I am here to help!

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No, none of the possible causes for a second detox apply. I haven't tried an ACV rinse--I will. Because I have curly hair that is currently a pain to wash, brush, or even wet, I don't brush more than once a day. I know I should...but it really takes a long time with the detangling and dealing with the build up, and then I have frizzy curl-less hair. 

I use the ACV, Sea Essence, and Earth Essence shampoos. I use the Earth one the least because, ironically, it seems to leave my hair the oiliest. Even when I was not detoxing, the Earth shampoo didn't do as good of a job of getting my oily hair clean as the other two.

I use the dragon gel every time I wash. I also often use the sapphire mist and a little bit of the euro oil (sometimes a little more the night before I wash). I don't use any of the rinse out conditioners.

I have never dyed my hair. It has been almost two months now since I got back from vacation in California. The water was very hard.

Thank you so much--I hope I can figure this out nomicons/smile