Topic: Hair has turned Dry to Greasy?Can I return the shampoos I just bought?

My hair and scalp has been very dry in the past, from scalp to ends, with dandruff nomicons/sad.  I switched to MM a few months ago and in the last 2 weeks it seems that my hair, the first few inches closest to my head feels and looks very greasy. Almost like it is wet. Especially in the back areas. It actually was right after my first henna treatment. I do still have the trial size bottle of the earth shampoo and have been using that. I am wondering if this will be continuous or if it will it even out? I recently bought the full size ACV, Pine shale, and heavenly shampoos along with lotus and pearl conditioners. I am wondering if I would be able to return one or two of the shampoos due to the fact that I have different hair needs? And exchange for a full size Earth shampoo? I have not used them yet. It has been less than a month since my purchase. But close to it. If you could answer these 2 questions it would be great. If it will even out? And if I can return the items? Thank you! If anyone has any experience with this as well please let me know nomicons/smile Thanks! Happy healthy hair to all!! And happy Spring Equinox!