Topic: Experiences with Zen Detox? Should I wait to do it til after Henna?

I would like to hear peoples experience after using the Zen Detox. What did your hair/scalp do after you used the zen detox? Oily, gunky, dry? My hair now is very dry on the ends and I have really bad dandruff. Do you think that the dandruff will subside with the detox? Or will it make it worse for awhile?  I have been using MM shampoos and conditioners for 3 months or so. I have yet to use the detox because I have major health issues and don't react well to detoxing. I just got the henna in the mail but I am wondering if I should do the detox first? Or just wait a few weeks after the henna? Experiences? Thanks!

Re: Experiences with Zen Detox? Should I wait to do it til after Henna?

Hello Becky!

I do have some answers to your questions.  After using the Zen Detox people will generally have a lot of volume in their hair.  It can sometimes make your hair dry, so if this is an issue I would recommend conditioning after use.  It will not leave the hair oily at all, it will actually soak up excess oils.  The Zen Detox is great for dandruff, especially if it is due to bacteria growth on the scalp.  It will get rid of any bacteria on the scalp that is causing the dandruff issues.  When you say dandruff, what exactly does it look like?  Are you seeing it on your brush and scalp or just one?  You definitely want to detox before the henna, not after.  The Zen Detox causes color to fade faster so using it after henna will make your henna fade.  Make sure to wait 72 hours after using the Zen Detox to use the henna.


Re: Experiences with Zen Detox? Should I wait to do it til after Henna?

I have yet to use the zen detox. I put it off. I hennaed my hair shortly after this post. Unfortunately now my hair/scalp has turned oily. The henna did not adhere well to the top of my head/hair. Thinking now maybe doing the detox before the application would have made the adherence a bit better? I think my detox is taking a bit longer to start for whatever reason. Been using MM since Christmas. Had been doing No Poo and ACV rinses for about 6 months prior to MM. Considering reapplying Henna in either Light or Medium brown. Having trouble deciding due to my unhappy result nomicons/sad I am still having the henna come out during washing my hair. Is this normal? It has been about a month since application. It is not a great amount like the first few weeks. But if I take a bath the water is certainly a different color.
To answer your question it is mostly on my scalp and hair. Def on my brush as well. Having trouble with my brush as well. Posted a question about that in the brush section. Sometimes washing my hair helps to rid the dandruff, others it is still very noticeable after my shower/wash. So now it is oily as well as dandruffy. It was suggested to do 3 weeks of zen detox, once a week, then take one week off and continue. Any other suggestions?