Topic: Covering greys with blonde henna

I have done all he necessary prep work, waiting 12 weeks for chemical dye to grow out, buying the shampoos and conditioners etc. Over the past 8 weeks I have used the henna, mixed correctly, with waiting times both prior to applying of 8-10 hours and leaving on, for 2-4 hours, but I still have regrowth which is now quite grey and the blonde henna colour which I really like, is turning more of a orangey colour. I have completely covered my full head of hair once, and attended to the regrowth 4 times. I still don't have greys coverage. What am I doing wrong please.

Re: Covering greys with blonde henna

I've read that people have used vodka on resistant grey hair.  This makes the herbal dyes adhere better.  It may be worth a try in your case.  Otherwise, may keep it on longer.  For me... a heat cap helps a lot with the marigold color on greys.