Topic: Hair is really gross

So I'm definitely going through the detox process, my hair is sticky and oily. The roots especially are very stringy and its like stuck together which is very hard to brush, I try to brush everyday but I get really frustrated as it's so sticky and as I said before very sticky and stringy near the roots. HELP!!!! :-(

Re: Hair is really gross


I don't know if it helps, but I had similar experience in the beginning (still lasting since I started only 1 month ago). For me the solution was to use a larger amount of the shampoo than generally recommended and I watched a video on MM Facebook page on how to wash long hair. I don't know how long or thick your hair is, but if it is like mine ("forest" of hair) this is what helped me. I now use a larger amount of the shampoo but it is worth it, since my hair is much more manageable during this detox time. Also I always make sure to distribute it evenly on all parts of scalp and massage it in. In the end I also wash out the rest of my hair with a very very diluted shampoo (just to make sure) nomicons/grin Of course, don't forget to use Zen detox every week to speed up the process nomicons/smile