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Topic: Help with henna mixing


Re: Help with henna mixing

So you are looking to go a strawberry blonde color?  What color are your grays?  Are they white, silvery, salt n pepper, dark, etc?  This will help me better give you advice.


Re: Help with henna mixing

Yes ~ strawberry blonde.

I'm not totally gray --- it looks like silvery mixed with salt & pepper.

Sorry I can't be more specific. I'm going by what I see in the mirror.  Around my face, it's more silvery than salt & pepper.

Thanks so much for your help!

Re: Help with henna mixing

Unfortunately there is really no way to go lighter with henna. If your hair is a darker brown, there is really no way to get a strawberry blonde at this point.  If you do a red, it will just give your dark brown hair more of a reddish tint, but you can't really get a strawberry blonde.You could use the Light Blonde Henna mixed with a little bit of the red to get a strawberry blonde on the roots, but your ends would be a different color.