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So I was really excited when I found out about Morrocco Methods and everything it represented.
However it's been five months, and after having done everything correctly (the five shampoos, diluting, zen detox, euro oil... everything!!), my hair is looking more stickier, grosser, and duller than ever. 
The "detox" is obviously not even close to done, and honestly at this point I don't even think it's worth continuing. 
Walking around with a horrible set of hair is not the reason I invested so much money on this. 
I've always had really nice why continue?
Because it's already been a few months and my hair grows quite fast, at least an inch and a half of new hair has appeared, and its not any shinier or healthier looking like some testimonials make it out to be. 
Please, is there anything I can do?? Should I stop using the conditioners (which I'm starting to think make my hair stickier)? Should I zen detox every day? Honestly I'll do anything, I still have all the products and might as well use them before I give up.

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I am so sorry to hear this!  Tell me about your hair care routine with MM.  What conditioners are you using? How often have you used the Zen Detox? Are you washing twice? Are you using a boar bristle brush?  Are you massaging the scalp?  Do you have the Gel?  Tell me about your hair care routine in as much detail as possible please!

Thank you!

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Hi Katie! Thank you for answer!

So I use the pearl essence and floating lotus conditioners. I use the zen detox every three weeks and I wash every 3/4 days. I use the boar bristle brush twice a day (three when I can). I have the gel but haven't used it do you suggest I incorporate it into my routine? I rotate between all five shampoos. I never ever use any heat styling products. I've been cutting my hair using the lunar hair chart for two months now. 

I really believe in everything you guys do I'm just starting to think these products maybe aren't for me. I don't think what I'm going through is a looks more like some sort of reaction. I don't recognize my hair anymore. I've been walking around with a ponytail for the past 3 months! I'm tired of it...

Please let me know if there is anything I can do!
Thanks in advance!

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Okay I definitely have a few recommendations.  I would highly recommend stopping the usage of conditioners for now as it sounds like you don't need them.  Make sure you are massaging the scalp 2-3 times daily around the same time you are brushing.  I would highly recommend doing the Zen Detox once a week for the next three weeks to get you through this rough patch.  The Gel can definitely help soak up some excess oils and bring life back into the hair.  I would recommend putting about a nickel sized amount in your hair when it is damp.  You can also do a diluted apple cider vinegar hair rinse once or twice a week to get rid of some extra build-up and oils on the hair and scalp.