Topic: Darker blond henna?

I used the light brown henna a couple months ago and my hair came out pretty dark - darker than I wanted. On the plus side, it did cover my grays. At this point, my hair has grown out a bit and I need to recolor. Most of my hair is a nice coppery brown shade, but I would prefer to use the blond henna - for less red tones.

My natural color is dark blond, with quite a bit of gray on top. Is there a way to make the blond henna a little darker, maybe by using black tea instead of chamomile? I used the blond henna on my hair twice (before using the light brown), but it didn't cover the grays.

I have one blond henna at home that I plan to use in the next week or so. The first two times, I left it on for 3 hours, but I'm guessing I need to leave it on longer. Thanks!

Re: Darker blond henna?

The only thing that may help darken it a bit is the Amla Powder.  Other than that, you will most likely get the same results as before.  Are your grays white, silvery, dark, etc?

Re: Darker blond henna?

My grays are silvery, and my natural color is a dark blond or light brown. How would I use the Alma powder for best results? Should I leave the henna on my hair for 4+ hours?