Topic: Clay Like Residue On Brush And Comb

Why is it that after I wash my hair twice with MM Shampoo that there is a clay like residue on my brush and comb. It does not really appear in my hair unless its the dandruff I think I have? Well anyways, I can understand why due to the bentonite clay ingredient but how do I fully get it out of my hair in the shower. It's a nuisance for me to have to clean my brush and comb. I honestly don't even know how to clean my brush and comb without using chemicals. 

1. How do I rid of the clay like residue from my hair completely in the shower?

2. How do I clean my brush and comb? (Its full of a brownish claylike crud)

Re: Clay Like Residue On Brush And Comb

Did you dilute your shampoo before washing with it?
Does warm water+vinegar soften and rinse it out perhaps?

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Re: Clay Like Residue On Brush And Comb