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Hi there,

I've been using a kind of laser cap every second day for 30 min each time for the last 7 or so months. In my check ups with the trichologist I saw that while I haven't increased hair growth significantly, my thinning has definitely stopped and the hair is a little thicker. 

I came across MM and I wanted to try it because I'm a firm believer in minimising chemical and toxin exposure, however, more and more hair seems to be falling out when I use MM (have been doing it for about 3 weeks - detox is almost over, hair is starting to get back to normal). I thought I could use MM to keep the scalp healthy, and the laser to keep the DHT away (which is what it does). I then read on this forum that Anthony said you can't use both, but he doesn't say why? I've looked it up and it says the laser is fairly harmless, since there are no chemicals or anything, it's just light, and I KNOW that it actually works on me. So I was wondering why you can't use them together? I just know I'd feel better with that guarantee that even if I'm not growing more hair with MM, I'm at least not losing more hair - which seems to be the case now. 

Please note, I intend to use the elixirs as soon as my detox is over, so I know that's option and I may see hair growth results, but I particularly want to know why I can't use this laser, that I know works, with MM.


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What MM products are you using? Anthony doesn't approve of such extreme measures in favor of holistic hair care.

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I'm using all the shampoos and rotating them. I'm using the conditioners according to the Lunar Charts and the Sapphire and Diamond mists the rest of the time. I brush with the boar bristle brush and I use the scalp massager 2-3 times a day. I also use an organic apple cider vinegar rinse twice a week. 

So I'm going as natural as I can. I'm happy to stop using the laser if there's a logical and scientific reason why it's not good for me to use, I just haven't been able to find one so far, so since Anthony is so against it, I thought he must know?

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Anthony is not a medical doctor so he nor I can give medical advice.  He just does not recommend having lasers that close to your head and scalp.

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Re: Stopping hair loss with laser

I will prefer natural products over laser every time. You should try it too.