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Topic: Still losing hair

I have been using MM for about a month now to help with hair loss I have been experiencing.  I notice new growth in some areas that had thinned due to postpartum hair loss and the hair fall seemed to decrease initially, however recently I am experiencing more hair loss.  I was following the routine of massaging and brushing, but am now nervous to brush because I feel like quite a bit of hair is coming out when I do.  Help please!  Thanks.

Re: Still losing hair

Hi Sugarplum!

Sounds like you are detoxing old, damaged hair to make room for new, healthy growth. Hair gets weakened with age and chemicals, so think of this as just your scalp cleaning up its act. Especially since you are seeing new growth. You may be shedding slightly more than normal but this is part of detox, don’t worry.

Remember, humans lose on average 30 hairs a day. So unless it is coming out in chunks and there is obvious balding/thinning, you shouldn't be too worried. Keep brushing and massaging as normal!

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Re: Still losing hair

Hi, have you been doing the zen detox clay..if you still have detoxification of the scalp to do i bet this will assist. I am going to use some this week to help with heavy metal issues. We are bombarded with them daily from the atmosphere. also how old are you...have you tried a natural progesterone cream like organic excellence? Post Partum hair loss is associated with low progesterone. in 2 months after using natural progesterone you probably wont have hair loss. hope this helps my friend!

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Re: Still losing hair

Use keratin treatment to strengthen hair growth and lessen hair fall. Comb your hair using your fingers only.

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Re: Still losing hair