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Hello MM. 

I wanted to know if its okay to just use bentonite clay + distilled water instead of the Zen Detox. I bought the Healthy Hair Starter Package and I only have 1 oz. I know that it won't be as good or as effective, but would it still help a bit during the detox phase?

I also recently bought a BB brush and the 5 shampoo package because I really liked them, so it will be a while before I buy anything else haha.

Re: Bentonite clay

Yes, it will definitely still help.  It will not be as beneficial as you said, but it will definitely help speed up the detox process!  Just mix it with some distilled water like you said and use it as a hair masque.  

No worries! Just use some bentonite clay and you will be good to go!  nomicons/grin

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Re: Bentonite clay

Awesome, thank you! nomicons/smile I forgot to ask, do I put it only on my scalp or does it need get all over the hair as well?