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I'm so frustrated with my hair.  I am trying everything to get this haircare line to work but my hair is a sticky gross mess everyday.  I am almost out of the zen detox, and almost out of the travel sized ACV shampoo (because that one is the least bad) and I don't want to throw more money at this if I don't have a different plan.

I alternated between the different shampoos. I did the zen detox once a week for three weeks, then took a couple weeks off, then repeated multiple times.  I brush my hair with the MM BBBrush multiple times a day.  I've tried changing the amount I'm diluting the shampoos.  I've tried using just the acv shampoo. I only use a little drop of the wash out conditioners at the very ends of my hair.  I stopped using the leave-in spray conditioners because those made everything way worse.  I've tried doing ACV rinses.  I always shampoo twice.  I use the scalp massager when I lather and rinse.

No matter what I do, there's a constant build up of grease and product on my hair and scalp that the shampoos cannot remove.  My hair looks best after zen detoxing, but it's still pretty rough.

Any ideas?

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When did you start using the products?

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Over 4 months ago

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I don't know if I can help but I feel bad for how long you've been going through this, I want to ask some questions too if you don't mind.

How much shampoo do you use for what length of hair? Do you have a water filter or know the quality of your water? How long do you leave the shampoo in your hair?

When I was water-only washing for a while I found a brief period where I was actually able to get it squeaky clean (I know, weird, and not desirable actually! but the point is it got clean) with JUST filtered water. One of the things I was doing at that time was taking a super soft, gentle microfiber cloth and running it from the roots to the ends of my hair right after the shower. I would section it and make sure it was not tangled before doing so, to get each section properly. I felt like that helped "teach" my hair to push the oils down. At the time I found it better than brushing.

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Hi Ajlez, thank you for your help.  My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and is fine and prone to greasiness.  I have tried using a lot of product and a little product, and diluting a lot and a little, and that didn't have an effect.  I'm not sure how many minutes I am leaving it in, but generally, I put it in, wash my face, wash it out and put it on a second time, wash my body and then spend until the water gets cold trying to wash it out real good.

You may be on to something with the water filter.  I do filter my water in the kitchen and use that water to make the zen detox mask, and to dilute the shampoo.  But the shower itself isn't filtered.  I have noticed in the past when I was using "normal" shampoo that my hair seemed a little cleaner if I washed it at a boyfriends house.  But it was only noticeable to me, so I never thought it was worth it to buy and figure out how to install a shower filter.  I wonder if it would make a noticeable difference now. Anything specific I should look for in a shower filter?

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Yes Ajlez is completely right.  We often see that people never truly end their detox phase when they have hard water because it is constantly depositing minerals and toxins into the hair.  We actually have a girl in the office who had hard water and after installing a shower filter, finally ended her detox period.  It does make a huge difference.  There are definitely some pretty affordable ones from April Showers.  We actually used to sell some of their shower filters!

Let me know if you have further questions or concerns!nomicons/smile

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I got a cheap Sprite filter that was available locally, and it is just like replacing a shower head with another one; unscrew old, screw new one on. My filter does not last long at all so the cost actually keeps going up as I buy replacement filters, but even once its worn it's better than nothing! The shower head screws open and you just place the new filter inside - the filter is also flipped some time before replacing it which extends its life a bit (and means no, you can't accidentally put it in upside down hehe)). I've heard Berkey recommended a lot as a powerful and very long lasting filter, but I haven't tried them. My up front cost was $35 or less and my filter replacements are $12.

That's exactly how I found out I had hard water btw - showering at a boyfriend's had worked so much better nomicons/grin