Topic: Did Henna..Roots came out light

I have dark brown hair (Color from hairdresser) I waited 12 weeks started with all the shampoo's and then did Med Brown Henna on whole head my roots coming in were ashy and a few grays. The dark part of my hair got darker but my roots turned sort of a golden brown..It's not to bad but I'm wondering it I should do it again with the med brown to get it to match?  I don't want the body of my hair darker..My goal is to get it all natural with the henna..
I have a TON of hair had to use two packages to cover my head..

Re: Did Henna..Roots came out light


Re: Did Henna..Roots came out light

Are you asking what my question is?

Why did the base of my hair come out so dark and the roots so light?
To make the roots darker to match the base do I need to redo the HENNA on the roots only with a darker brown?

I have spent hundereds on this system so I really want to make sure I get it to work

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Re: Did Henna..Roots came out light


Re: Did Henna..Roots came out light

I would recommend doing the process twice.  The end result of henna depends on your current hair color.  If your roots are lighter, they will end up lighter than the rest of your hair.  In this case, you will want to do the roots a second time.  The amla will also help it stick better.