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Hello, I have been reading a lot about the inverted method that can help grow your hair, but you only supposed to do it 7 consecutive days because they said that the hair will get used to it and it will stop growing. 

So, my question is, in the Morroco method you suggest to massage the scalp every day 3 times a day as well as brush the hair upside down 3 times a day. I am pretty sure that the hair will grow faster but, is the scalp going to get used to it and stop growing? 

Thank you

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When using our system of products your hair will not get used to massaging and brushing and stop growing.  We do recommend rotating shampoos, however, because if you use just one shampoo your hair will stop responding to the healing properties in just one shampoo.  Your hair will never completely stop growing however.

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Good morning, I hope you all are doing okay. 

I have a question I have been using the MM products since November 2014 and my hair is shinny, full of body and it looks very healthy. I started the blunt snip cut for the first time in December 2014 with the Winter Solstice and I cut it again in January 2015 but I feel that is kind of stuck in the same length. It's this normal or do I need to do something different? I massage my scalp and brush my hair with MM brush and scalp massager at least twice a day and I rotate all 5 of the shampoos.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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How damaged is your hair?  Are your ends severly damaged or is your hair in pretty good shape?  This will help me give you the best advice possible.

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My hair is in very good shape. I do not use any kind of heat, but I feel that it's not growing. Could it be because of the winter season?

Thank you for any information

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Do you think it could be diet related? Any improvement lately? My hair growth really took off when I made diet changes.

About the inversion method - I tried it only for two months (or was it 3?? I don't remember) and didn't notice any growth. I haven't seen any before/after pics that actually convince me it's working for people, they all seem to take pictures with their neck at different levels or their hair different amounts of wet or wavy :S I think I have seen growth since I started using just Morrocco Method tips, but I can't be positive or know if it will continue.

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And what kind of changes in your diet did you make? nomicons/smile

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It's quite personalized so this is a difficult question actually. In my case I grew up hardly eating anything and never drinking anything besides soda/pop, my hair barely ever gained any length. The first change I made was switching to drinking water and other good things, getting adequately hydrated, which made a huge impact on its own. As for food, it came down to finding what I could digest. In the beginning of changing things up I concentrated on finding the most highly nutritious things which was actually a mistake, because my body couldn't make use of them! My digestion and thus absorption was too poor. So I ended up learning a lot about proper digestion. My favorite, ultimate diet tips come from traditional Chinese diet therapy, understanding how to balance different foods & cooking types and what to eat while you are weak. ^_^