Topic: prepooing with oil or hot oil treatment before shampooing

Would like to know if anyone ever prepoos with oil? (saturate hair with oil before washing)  Some oils could be coconut oil, jojoba oil,  euro oil, etc.  I know Indian women tend to do this.  Is this good to do?  Do you apply the oil to the scalp and hair or just your hair?  Will it slow down my sebum production or strip my sebum?  Also,  if you do this;  how do you get the oil out of your hair with the morocco method shampoo?  A lot of questions.  But,  I sure do want to know. 

Thank you for all replies!

Re: prepooing with oil or hot oil treatment before shampooing

I often did this, over night, but back then I was using normal shampoo, which easily removed all the oil!! 
But I have no idea how to do this combined with MM, I tried but there was a lot of oil left in my hair after washing it. Maybe you have to use more shampoo or rinse it first with an ACV?! Haven't tried that yet.

Re: prepooing with oil or hot oil treatment before shampooing

I was curious if anyone did this too, but after starting MM I don't feel like I NEED to pre-oil at all. It used to be that I pre-oiled scalp (just using leftover on ends) to protect it to some degree, both from hard water and the shampoo itself, and it did bring down my own sebum production. I found the Indian recommendations for which oil to use on which hair type really helpful too, my hair did awesome with sesame oil but didn't like coconut or olive (which ofc I'd tried first after all the rave!). Similarly some people do condition-wash-condition, I wonder how different MM condish is compared to the shampoos? I haven't yet read about anyone using conditioner-only and I'm also curious how that works.

I'm really impressed with the synergy of the MM ingredients, for example I couldn't use my own aloe vera mixes on my hair without a horrible result, but the MM ones with aloe work so great. I really trust Anthony's skills here nomicons/grin

Re: prepooing with oil or hot oil treatment before shampooing

I decided to go ahead and try a heavy oiling since things have been working out for me with MM and I wanted to try more stuff nomicons/grin I left Euro oil in for 24 hours then washed it out with Earth Essence. I kept the first wash in my hair while cleaning my body and when I rinsed it out I FELT like the oil was already cleaned off, so for my second wash I didn't bother getting the ends and just did another normal scalp wash. That was a mistake hahaha! When my hair dried, my scalp WAS clean and looked just fine! But the ends were oily still. So the next day (I NEVER do daily hair wash normally) I got a large bowl of water and mixed about the amount I'd use for 2 shampoos w/Pine Shale into it and dunked my hair in and washed out the ends. I think I did a tiny second shampoo after as well, but after all of this, my hair was perfectly cleaned. (Note: I normally tend towards being overly oily with dry ends, but this is related to some other factors like touching my hair/scalp too much, long story, but I wanted to point out it's NOT always been easy for me to get excess oil out, so to me this means that MM CAN accomplish it, I'd combine those techniques if I try again)

I have read of people using other oils to push their own sebum down the strands too, but that never seemed to be the case for me. Thought I should mention it in case anyone here thinks it might work for them.

As for how I feel about my heavy oiling - I don't really have much comment on it. I loved that I was able to detangle my hair so instantly while it was oiled and before getting it out completely (I have -super- tangly hair), that made me ponder just how much I need to work on my hair's condition still. I can't tell if I would benefit from oiling more often, but 3 or 4 days after that Pine Shale wash I decided to do a conditioner-only with Pearl Essence because I didn't think my hair really needed a wash yet (but felt inclined to do something, I think I'm addicted to the idea of nourishing my hair/scalp now), and that upkept my hair for another 3-4 days.