Topic: Light blonde henna over medium henna hair help?

Has anyone applied cassia or light blonde henna on top of medium brown Morrocco Method hair?

Hello, I'll first provide a little recent history about my hair because I ask my question about light blonde henna/cassia.  I have already received a little advice in this area but I was wondering if anyone has a personal experience with this or further advice.
My hair is a natural medium brown.  Since March, I have been using Morrocco Method henna colors over my natural brown, but chemically highlighted blonde looking hair.  I have used the light brown henna twice and the medium brown henna twice.  My hair is now a medium brown that's reddish.  My gray hairs now highlight to an orange red color after 4 applications, no big deal, looks like highlights.  I never knew I had this many gray hairs around my face until I went on this natural hair journey because my highlighted salon treatment hid them so well.  This color is pretty but too dark and I know it will only get darker after each application.  I have decided to let it grow out.  I am finally done with detox and my hair looks great and I do not want to apply chemicals anymore.  But this gray is an issue.  I am looking into applying the light blonde henna or just cassia on my hair for gray coverage while this henna indigo hair grows out.  I've read on other hair forums that cassia covers gray good enough but not perfect.  How long should I wait to try this?  Will I end up orange?  Will the light blonde henna stick to my henna indigo hair?  What about my chemical highlights that are under my henndigo hair?  Is the neutral henna also an option for grey?  It is simply cassia?  Isn't that what I am looking for?  If I use the light blonde henna or neutral henna or simply cassia, should I do a whole head application, just the roots?  It's a lot of info and questions I know.  Sorry!

Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone!!! :-)

Re: Light blonde henna over medium henna hair help?

Haha, I don't have a lot of experience with henna myself, but yes the neutral henna is just cassia obovata! And the light blonde is just cassia obovata with a marigold and chamomile tea mix included in the package nomicons/smile For the more detailed questions I'd email MM support directly, or hit up The Long Hair Community forums, they've amassed so much information there nomicons/grin